Islamiyat MCQs Set-2 - 10

91) When does Hajji travel to Mina?
(A) 2nd Zil-Hajj
(B) 5th Zil-Hajj
(C) 8th Zil-Hajj
(D) 9th Zil-Hajj

92) What is Arafat?
(A) Plain
(B) Mountain
(C) Forest
(D) Desert

93) Name the plain where Hazrat Adam (AS) and his wife were re-united after years of wanderings?
(A) Arafat
(B) Muzdalfa
(C) Mina
(D) Hateem

94) What is Waquf-e-Arafat?
(A) The stay in the plain of Arafat
(B) Offering of prayers
(C) The stay at Mina
(D) The stay at Haram

95) What is Muzdalfa?
(A) Forest
(B) Stream
(C) Desert
(D) Plain

96) Muzdalfa is located between
(A) Mina and Arafat
(B) Arafat and Makkah
(C) Muzdalfa and Hijaz
(D) Makkah and Madina

97) From where pebbles for throwing at Shaitan are picked up?
(A) Mina
(B) Hateem
(C) Arafat
(D) Muzdalfa

98) Name the fundamental pillar of Islam which was made Farz in 9 AH.
(A) Salat
(B) Soam
(C) Zakat
(D) Hajj

99) The meaning of Jehad fi Sabil Allah is _________.
(A) Fighting for the country
(B) Fighting in the way of Allah
(C) Fighting for honor
(D) Fighting with enemy

100) One who tries to struggle against his self i.e, evil self is called _________.
(A) Mujahid
(B) Shaheed
(C) Ghazi
(D) Mujtahid

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