Islamiyat MCQs Set-2 - 8

71) How much is the rate of Ushr on the produce of artificially irrigated land?
(A) 1/20
(B) 1/10
(C) 1/11
(D) 1/15

72) How much is the rate of Ushr on the produce of land benefited by rain or some natural spring?
(A) 1/15
(B) 1/20
(C) 1/10
(D) 1/26

73) From where the word "Zakat" is derived?
(A) Zakariya
(B) Tazkiya
(C) Zaka
(D) None of them

74) Name the fundamental pillar of Islam which is often mentioned in the Holy Qur'an alongwith Salat?
(A) Jehad
(B) Hajj
(C) Salat
(D) Zakat

75) What is the literal meaning of the word Hajj?
(A) The will to visit
(B) To wald briskly
(C) The holy journey
(D) To go round Ka'ba

76) Who built the first structure of the Holy Ka'ba?
(A) Hazrat Adam (AS)
(B) Hazrat Ismaeel (AS)
(C) Hazrat Ibraheem (AS)
(D) Hazrat Moosaa (AS)

77) The places from which the Hajjaj to Makkah assume the state of Ihraam?
(A) Meeqat
(B) Mina
(C) Arafat
(D) Muzdalfa

78) The running between two hills Safa and Marwah seven times is called
(A) Rami
(B) Waqaf
(C) Say'ee
(D) Tawaf

79) The most important step of Hajj after assuming Ahram is
(A) Tawaf
(B) Waquf
(C) Rami
(D) Jamarat

80) The upright stones at some distance from one another called _________
(A) Jamarat
(B) Rami
(C) Waquf
(D) Say'ee

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