Islamiyat MCQs Set-2 - 9

81) The second important step of Hajj after Waquf is _________.
(A) Say'ee
(B) Tawaf
(C) Rami
(D) Sacrifice

82) How many obligations (Farz) are there in the Hajj?
(A) Three
(B) Two
(C) Four
(D) Five

83) Hujjaj stay at Mina for one day, the second day at Arafat and the final day,encampment is done for a night at Mazdalfah; it is called _________.
(A) Jamarat
(B) Waquf
(C) Say'ee
(D) Tawaf

84) In which month Hajj is performed?
(A) Zil-Hajj
(B) Zi-Qa'ada
(C) Safar
(D) Muharram

85) Name the sacred area around Makkah?
(A) The Haram
(B) Jamarat
(C) Ihraam
(D) Arafat

86) Where does the Hajj go after completing the seven rounds?
(A) Arafat
(B) Al-Maltazim
(C) Say'ee
(D) Tawaf-e-Rukh

87) The portion of the wall of Ka'ba which is between its door and Hajr-e-Aswad is called ______.
(A) Al Multazim
(B) Hateem
(C) Haram
(D) Safar

88) How many times Hajji runs between the Safa and Marwah hills?
(A) Six
(B) Nine
(C) Seven
(D) Eight

89) Where does Hajji go after performing Say'ee?
(A) Safa
(B) Mina
(C) Arafat
(D) Muzdalfa

90) Mina lies between ________.
(A) Arafat and Makkah
(B) Arafat and Madina
(C) Jadah and Taaif
(D) Makkah and Jaddah

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