Islamiyat MCQs Set-3 - 6

51) What an authentic Hadis is called?
(A) Sahifah
(B) Sahih
(C) Masnad
(D) Saadiqah

52) What a lesser than authentic Hadis, although it is not false or a fabrication, is called?
(A) Mustanad
(B) Zeef Hadis
(C) Sahih
(D) Ghair Mustanad

53) How many Ahadis does the Sahih Bukhari contain?
(A) 5636
(B) 6722
(C) 7821
(D) 7397

54) Which was the most authentic book on Hadis literature?
(A) Musnad
(B) Sahih Bukhari
(C) Sahifah-e-Saadiqah
(D) Mishqaat-Sharif

55) What is called a code of law for the Islamic way of life which Allah has revealed for the mankind and commanded us to follow?
(A) Qiyas
(B) Shariah
(C) Ijma
(D) Ijtehad

56) What is the literal meaning of Shariah?
(A) A clear straight path
(B) Instructions to follow
(C) Making a new laws
(D) Obeying the elders

57) What is Fiqh?
(A) The science of Islamic Law
(B) The science of Quran
(C) The science of Sunnah
(D) None of them

58) What is the meaning of Fiqh?
(A) Obeying
(B) Following
(C) Understanding
(D) Manipulation

59) Science of Islamic Law is called
(A) Prudence
(B) Independence
(C) Jurisprudence
(D) All of them

60) Which is the first source of Shariah?
(A) The Holy Quran
(B) The Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW)
(C) Both of them
(D) None of them

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