Ministry of Defence BS-17 2011 Past Paper Page - 9

81) Now the fury of the demonstrators turned against the machines.
(A) Asperity
(B) Passion
(C) Rage
(D) Acrimony

82) All the streets looked just the same:
(A) decisively
(B) normally
(C) exactly
(D) simply

83) At the Hardy house there was great consternation when Aunt Gertrude saw Joe helping Frank up the stairs.
(A) surprise
(B) panic
(C) gaiety
(D) anxiety

84) After his graduation he had to pass through a period of privation.
(A) hardship
(B) uncertainty
(C) prosperity
(D) privacy

85) his commands were so peremptory that we felt humiliated.
(A) specious
(B) poignant
(C) rough
(D) dictorial

86) MOIST:
(A) Parched
(B) Dry
(C) Hard
(D) Crisp

(A) Surrender
(B) Debase
(C) Destroy
(D) Ruin

88) BELIE:
(A) Argue
(B) Justify
(C) Admire
(D) Approve

(A) Impound
(B) Insert
(C) Inspire
(D) Injure

(A) Bless
(B) Regulate
(C) Deceive
(D) Radiate

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