State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 6th Batch Past Paper 2017
General Knowledge

2) Last emperor of Mughal Empire

(Bahadur Shah Zafar)

4) K2 is also known as

Godwin Austin

6) PIA aircraft which crashed is?

(ATR 42)

8) City which is called “Little Tibet”


10) National Tree of Pakistan


12) TAPI gas pipeline country starts from?


14) Content banned by Pemra


17) Which conference cancelled in November 2016


19) Joint exercises of Pakistan and


21) Highest sector contributor to GDP


23) Pakistan has not been granted loan by


25) PSX set record in Dec 2016 as index reached


27) Which is not exported by Pak


29) Pakistan is not a member of


32) In this document lie the clauses that make us liable.

34) If he had worked hard, he would not have failed

36) She is finding it difficult to cope with situation


38) Penny for your thoughts

40) Scratch someone’s back

42) Fine tooth comb

44) Read between the lines

47) Amalgamate (Merge)

49) Ascend (Climb)

51) Correspondence (Communication)

53) Stringent (lenient)

55) Industrious (Passive)

57) Collusion (Disagreement)

One Word Substitution

59) Government run by single person


62) Formal expression of disapproval


64) One who studies/knows foreign languages

Polyglot Quantitative/IQ

66) Which number should be added to 18:22 so that the ratio becomes 3:2

68) Complete the Series. 90 09 70 07 30 03 01 ...?

70) Which is not a prime number? 41 51 47 49

72) There are 25 workers in the first unit and there are total 8 units. If there are 4 more workers in each unit than the previous one, then average workers in each unit will be?

74) If 7x = 3y and 5y = 7z then X/Z?

76) Distribute 5000 among three friends in ratio of 1:2:3. What will be the greatest share?

78) Odd one out? 3-5-7-9

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