PPSC Assistant in Punjab Police Past Paper Page - 8

71) Choose the synonym of “Cataclysm”
(A) Reverse
(B) Catastrophe
(C) Pungent
(D) Trash

72) What is Pakistan's biggest export commodity?
(A) Textiles
(B) Handmade Carpets
(C) Leather and Leather Products
(D) Sports Goods

73) Which country was the first to formally recognize Pakistan after its creation?
(A) Saudi Arabia
(B) Turkey
(C) Iran
(D) Egypt

74) Who wrote the book The Myth of Independence?
(A) General Ayub Khan
(B) Mahbub-ul-Haque
(C) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
(D) Lt. Gen(r) Kamal Matinuddin

75) Which country mediated between Pakistan and India resulting in the Tashkent Declaration?
(B) Uzbekistan
(D) Iran

76) Who was entrusted with the job of dividing the Army in 1947?
(A) Lord Mountbatten
(B) Field Marshal Montgomery
(C) Field Marshal Alan Brooke
(D) Field Marshal John Dill

77) On what date did the major earthquake hit the Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir in 2005?
(A) 8th, October
(B) 8th, September
(C) 8th, August
(D) 18th, October

78) Which one of the following countries left the 'Baghdad Pact' in 1959?
(A) Iran
(B) Iraq
(C) Pakistan
(D) Turkey

79) What is the meaning of the idiom/proverb: "To talk through one's hat"
(A) To speak fluently
(B) To talk nonsense
(C) To talk wisdom
(D) To speak at random

80) Mount Kilimanjaro is located in
(A) Europe
(B) Asia
(C) South America
(D) Africa

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