PPSC Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies Past Paper Page - 2

11) For how many times did Pakistan won Hockey Champions Trophy?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 1

12) J.F.Kennedy is name of Airport of:
(A) Washington
(B) New York
(C) Seattle
(D) California

13) Tass is the news agency of:
(A) United Kingdom
(B) Russia
(C) China
(D) Australia

14) The foreign phrase De novo means:
(A) New
(B) On one side only
(C) Indefinitely
(D) None of these

15) International organization Human Rights Watch is based in:
(A) New York
(B) Geneva
(C) Paris
(D) Rome

16) Scotland Yard's headquarter is located in the city:
(A) London
(B) New York
(C) Tokyo
(D) Paris

17) World Tourism Day is observed on: Write-Here
(A) 15th November
(B) 27th September
(C) 5th November
(D) 17th September

18) Right to vote in elections is also termed as:
(A) Franchise
(B) Privilege
(C) Initiative
(D) Consent

19) The historic garden Shalimar was built by Shah Jahan in:
(A) 1634
(B) 1639
(C) 1642
(D) 1652

20) Thailand is the new name of:
(A) Ceylon
(B) Siam
(C) Bangkok
(D) None of them

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