Educator BS-16 2019 Past Paper Page - 8

71) In computer, spelling mistake is corrected by:
(A) Fresh correct
(B) Filter
(C) Auto correct
(D) None

72) Unauthorized access to your computer is prevented by:
(A) Authentication
(B) Encryption
(C) Authorization
(D) None

73) Control C is :
(A) Fix
(B) Cut
(C) Bold
(D) Copy

74) PDF stands for:
(A) Portable Downward Fold
(B) Portable Document Format
(C) Portable Down Format
(D) None

75) UPS stands for:
(A) Under Post System
(B) Uncontrol Police System
(C) Uninterruptible Power Supply
(D) None

76) What is the best unit of data and external storage device?
(A) Bytes
(B) Hertz
(C) Bite
(D) None

77) Which is read only memory storage device?
(B) CD Rom
(C) Hard Disk
(D) None of above

78) A pixel is:
(A) Picture stored in secondary memory
(B) Smart Picture
(C) Computer program
(D) None of above

79) A cursor is a:
(A) Thin blinking line
(B) Pointing device
(C) Pixel
(D) None of above

80) DMA stands for:
(A) Direct memory access
(B) Direct memory allocation
(C) Direct module access
(D) Direct memory access

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