Educator BS-16 2019 Past Paper Page - 9

81) Which was 2nd major Ghazwa of Islam?
(A) Badar
(B) Khyber
(C) Uhad
(D) Khandaq

82) Who was the second Caliph of Islam?
(A) Hazrat Umar
(B) Hazrat Usman
(C) Hazrat Ali
(D) Hazrat Abu Bakr

83) Fifth pillar of Islam is:
(A) Jehad
(B) Hajj
(C) Namaz
(D) Zakat

84) What is the old name of Madina?
(A) Betha
(B) Yathrib
(C) Bakkar
(D) None of above

85) Second source of Islam Law is:
(A) Hadith
(B) Ithad
(C) Quran
(D) None of above

86) Muslim female is coffined in:
(A) Two sheets
(B) Fourth sheets
(C) Five sheets
(D) None of above

87) Who is called saqi zam zam?
(A) Hazrat Ab
(B) Hazrat Abbas
(C) Hazrat Hamza
(D) None of above

88) Muaaz bin Jabal was made the Governor of:
(A) Yemen
(B) Makkah
(C) Madina
(D) Kufa

89) Hajj is not completed unless you go to:
(A) Madina
(B) Arafat
(C) Makkah
(D) Mina

90) Bait-ul-Hikmah was founded by:
(A) Fatimid
(B) Mughals
(C) Abbasids
(D) Ummayad

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