Educator in PPSC BS-16 2019 Past Paper

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Educator BS-16 2019 Past Paper

1) Pacify:
(A) To cool down
(B) Symptoms
(C) Incite
(D) Inside

2) Nutritions:
(A) Unwholesome
(B) Poor
(C) Nourishing
(D) Health

3) Obscure:
(A) Wise
(B) Pool
(C) Famous
(D) Destructive

4) Fine:
(A) Better
(B) Good
(C) Course
(D) Coarse

5) Conspicuous:
(A) Old
(B) Notorious
(C) Famous
(D) Obscure


6) Ebb:
(A) Build
(B) Ruin
(C) Receding
(D) Proceeding

7) Make away with means:
(A) Make holy journey
(B) Run widely
(C) Depart in haste to steal
(D) None of above

8) Eye wash means:
(A) Misleading statement
(B) To wash an eye
(C) To be clever
(D) None of above

9) Helter-Skelter means:
(A) To cheat
(B) In disorderly confusion
(C) In a planned way
(D) None of above

10) Heat up means:
(A) Angry & agitated
(B) To start
(C) Cool
(D) None of above

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