SBOTS 21st Batch Past Paper 2017
General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Pakistan Economy

2) Largest export crop of Pakistan?


4) KIBOR stands for?

Karachi Interbank Offer Rate

6) US security advisor resigned recently?

Michael Flynn

8) Not a member of ECO?


10) FATA doesn't share border with?


12) Saeed Uz Zaman Siddiqui was?

Chief justice of supreme court & Governor Sindh

14) Largest bank

Industrial and Commercial bank of China ICBC

17) Current Minister of Planning?

(Ahsan Iqbal)

19) UN Secretary General

(António Guterres)

21) Largest financial institution?

(Schedule commercial banks)

23) Not a member of Commonwealth


25) National Transport Policy covers?

(Railway, shipping, roads, aviation, logistics)

27) Largest contributing sector in GDP ?


29) Youth business loan is for?

Entrepreneurial potential SYNONYMS 32) Stagnation - Slack 34) Sprinkle 36) Pet 38) Dance with death
40) The mother of all 42) Take it on the lam ANTONYMS 45) Narcotics 47) Humble - Proud 49) Split - Union

51) Locker : Storage

53) Aluminum : Metal

IQ - Analytical

57) The average of 10 numbers is zero. Of them, at the most, how many may be greater than zero?

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