SBOTS 23rd Batch Past Paper

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

1. Who took oath from PM Liaquat Ali Khan? Justice Abdur Rasheed
2. First president of Pakistan? Iskandar mirza
3. Why ozone layer is important to mankind? It stops Ultraviolet
4. Lahore resolution also known as? Pakistan resolution
5. Reason why there is no total eclipse? Area of the sun covered by the moon
6. If an object transfer from the earth to moon? its mass remains unchanged
7. Wheat, rice, corn and maize best source of? Carbohydrates
8. Oasis associated to? Desert
9. Who took oath from Quaid e Azam? Justice Abdur Rasheed
10. Following contribute to pollution, except? Hydro Power Plant
11. Approach tends to supports status quo and existing risk profile? Top down
12. In liquidity trap what happens to AD?Increases
13. SBP designed new notes by using the technology of?Europe
14. Pakistan ranked out of 52 countries in World economic forum? 45
15. Which one is not related to consumer banking? Personal relation
16. Efficient tariff rate in Pakistan is?
17. Indirect taxes are approximately? 70%
18. Devaluation of Pakistani rupee results in?Expensive Exports
19. Current DG-ISPR? Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor
20. Human rights minister of Pakistan? Shireen Mazari
21. Federal interior minister of Pakistan? Ijaz Ahmed Shah
22. Advisor to PM on overseas Pakistanis? Zulfi Bukhari
23. CM of Sindh? Murad Ali Shah
24. Governor of Punjab? Ch Sarwar
25. Cricket ODI world cup 2019 held in? England & wales
26. Foreign minister of Pakistan? Shah Mahmood Qureshi
27. Finance minister of Pakistan? Asad Umer
28. PM of china? Li Keqiang
29. Banks keep general reserve at least? 5%
30. In Asia region which new standards were established by regulators?


31. Incredible? Convincing
32. Passive? Concerned
33. Agreeable? Opposite
34. Puzzling? Helpful
35. Haphazard? Systematic
36. Linked? Unrelated
37. Zealous? Lazy
38. Deficient? Sufficient
39. Extroverted Introverted?

40- Dull :: Conspicuous
41- Words :: Dictionary
42- Compass :: Circle
43- Potentate :: Power
44- Staircase :: Banisters
45- Platform :: Train
46- Aeroplane :: Aerodrome
47- Condemnation :: Disapproval
48- Photograph :: Image
49- Libel :: Defamatory

Fill in the Blanks
50- Whenever the weather is nice, I ____ to work?
51- The chess playing computer big blue is a ___opponent, as it never makes a careless mistakes
52- This bridge ____ built ten years ago?
53- The fallen rope has ____ the road?
54- ____ annoys me a lot this?
55- The war should be declared as an ____ act
56- He was ____ in the garden when storm broke.

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